Cure Leukaemia

The time is now for curing blood cancer

Former Wolves, Crystal Palace and England footballer and Cure Leukaemia Patron Geoff Thomas has been an inspiration to both patients and clinicians ever since his bone marrow transplant in 2003 and he has selflessly worked to increase treatment options for blood cancer patients. It is a huge privilege to be working with him to maximise curative options for patients from across the United Kingdom.

Leukaemia is a cancer of the blood that usually begins in the bone marrow. It can affect anyone at any age, and Cure Leukaemia has been fighting back since 2003. 

Around 14,000 people die from blood cancers in Britain each year. The prospect of survival for many adults with the disease is still less than 50%, which is exactly why your support is so vital and so valuable.

The charity was established in 2003 to allow patients with blood cancer, like Geoff, access to the remarkably effective new treatments that are continually being developed.

In January 2020, Cure Leukaemia will invest £3,000,000 over three years into 12 blood cancer centres across the UK to form the national Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) network. Specialist research nurses employed as a result of this funding in these centres in Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Oxford, Southampton, Kings and UCL will open and run clinical trials of pioneering and potentially life saving treatments for blood cancer.

Patients from an increased catchment area of 20 million people that have exhausted standard treatments for the disease will, as a result, have access to these potentially life saving clinical trials. Not only will your fundraising from this event directly help save lives across the UK but it will also help hasten global progress towards finding effective treatments for all forms of blood cancer within 15 years.

Your participation in London 2 Paris 2020 really can inspire a revolution in the treatment of blood cancer and directly help save lives.

Professor Charlie Craddock CBE
Co-founder Cure Leukaemia

Geoff Thomas
Cure Leukaemia Patron