In addition to being a fantastic riding experience, London 2 Paris offers bags of opportunities for businesses to engage with the event as an Official Event Sponsor.

Official Event Sponsorship ensures your brand is a highly visible element of the London 2 Paris experience:
1. An audience of around 150 riders plus approx. 50 support crew members
2. Officially and organically produced social media content created throughout being viewed by tens of thousands
3. All the riders and support vehicles on hundreds of miles of roads between London and Paris


London 2 Paris Official Event Sponsorship opportunities include (but not limited to):


Title Sponsorship

o Exclusive event naming rights and brand prominence across the entire event
o A dedicated marketing and PR plan pre-, during and post-event
o Sponsor logo on front and back of all rider and crew kit


Individual Day Sponsorship

o Sponsor ‘ownership’ of 1 of the 4 days of London 2 Paris
o Sponsor brand prominence on chest and upper back of the rider kit for chosen day
o Dedicated social media content throughout sponsored day



Crew Kit and Support Vehicle Sponsorship

o Sponsor logo on the front of the crew kit worn throughout London 2 Paris
o Sponsor logo on all the support vehicles used for London 2 Paris



Kit or Sleeve Sponsorship

  • Sponsor logo on the lower back or either sleeve of the rider kit every day of London 2 Paris

Gala Celebration Dinner Sponsorship

o Brand prominence at the gala dinner
o Sponsorship of the ride captain awards
o On-table collateral


To discuss any of these options plus all of the additional sponsorship opportunities and understand how your business can benefit whilst helping to save lives, contact Cure Leukaemia Head of Sponsorship, Alex Smith – alex@cureleukaemia.co.uk / 07734857510.


We would like to thank all of the sponsors from this years event: